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How to enable private listening on Spotify for Android

Do you listen to Spotify on your Android device but don't want to advertise your playlists on Facebook? We'll show you how to enable private listening.


Spotify desktop users have had the ability to enable private listening for about a month now. Spotify just recently updated its Android app to include the feature for Android users as well. Here's how to enable it:

Step 1: Go to the Android Market and update your Spotify app.

Step 2: Launch the Spotify for Android app, then in the lower right-hand corner, tap on "More," then "Settings."

Spotify more options
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 3: Check the box next to "Private Session."

Enable private session
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 4: When you go back to your playlists, you'll see the "Private Session" indicator at the top.

Private session enabled
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Now you can listen to Spotify without advertising your playlists to your Facebook friends. Keep in mind that after 6 hours of idle time, Private Session will automatically disable itself. To permanently disable Facebook integration, read this post by Matt Elliot.