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How to enable Night Mode on Dolphin for Android

The latest version of the Dolphin browser for Android can theme Web pages for better night-time reading. We'll show you how to enable Night Mode.

Dolphin browser

Reading a bright screen at night can be harsh on the eyes. A popular way to reduce eye strain is to use a dark background with light-colored text. The Dolphin browser for Android now supports night-time reading with a new add-on called Night Mode.

To enable Night Mode, you first have to install the add-on, Night Mode For Dolphin Browser. Once installed, swipe your Dolphin screen to the left for quick access to your add-ons. Tap on Night Mode to turn it on.

Turn on Night Mode add-on
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

Now when you view a Web page, the screen will be dimmed for easier reading at night.

Dolphin Night Mode comparison
Night Mode enabled on the right and disabled on the left. Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

That's it. You may also want to consider installing Dolphin's Jetpack add-on as well. Dolphin claims that it enhances the night mode experience by maintaining the dimmed screen more consistently while surfing the Web.