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How to disable screen rotation on Android

Tired of the screen on your Android device constantly rotating on you? Can't blame you; it's frustrating! Here's how to disable it.

If you're like me, and thousands of other Android users (or any smartphone user, for that matter), you've experienced how frustrating it can be when your phone rotates the screen on you at an unexpected time. Luckily, there is a way to turn off, or disable, screen rotation on your Android device.

On most Android devices you should be able to open the Settings app and navigate to Display. There you will find a check box to enable or disable auto-rotate. Tapping on the box will remove the check mark, which will then lock the screen to portrait mode.

If for some reason you can't find the setting under Display, be it a different version of Android or a manufacturer skin moving the setting, you can use a widget from the Google Play Store to lock your screen rotation. In the video above, you'll see me using a widget. I installed the first widget I found after searching for "screen rotation" in Google Play.

Do you have a favorite widget or shortcut for locking your device? Share it with us in the comments.