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How to delete Gmail messages instead of archiving in iOS Mail

Setting up a Gmail on iOS changes the delete button to archive; this video will show you how to change it back to delete.

After setting up a Gmail account on your iOS device, you may have noticed the delete button has now changed to an archive button. Doing so more closely mimics the Gmail experience.

For some Gmail users, the archive feature is a welcome feature; for others the default delete functionality is preferred. Disabling archive is simple. Follow these four steps to turn off archive and restore delete.

  1. To get started, go to Settings.

  2. Navigate to Mail.

  3. Select the Gmail account you want to edit.

  4. Toggle the Archive Messages switch.

If you are a fan of the archive mentality, you may want to enable the archive feature for your iCloud account. Watch the video above for a quick demo of where you can find the archive setting for iCloud.