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How to create a perfect group photo in iOS

Using GroupShot, an iOS app, you can create a perfect group photo in a matter of minutes.

Group photos are always difficult to take. You end up taking multiple photos of the group, hoping that one comes out with the majority of people looking at the camera and smiling.

Unless you or a family member have some good Photoshop skills, combining the photos into one to get the best shot isn't an option. Well, if you have an iOS device and the group-photo blues are getting you down, GroupShot is going to make your day.

GroupShot allows you to import your group photos and then, by only using your finger to indicate the area you want to change, it creates the perfect group photo. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the "magic" in action.

Pretty neat, right? Obviously, if the background or lighting has changed between photos, there will be some issues. But, as long as the photos are fairly similar, you should see great results when using GroupShot.

You can get GroupShot from the App Store for 99 cents.

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