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How to check if your device is Android Wear-compatible

Before you place your order for a shiny new Android Wear watch, check to make sure your Android smartphone or tablet will play nice with your new toy.

A successful check of Android Wear compatibility Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Google fully revealed Android Wear Wednesday at its annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. With both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live already being available for preorder, it's not a bad idea to double-check that your Android device is compatible with Android Wear.

Luckily, Google made the process of checking really simple. From your Android device, point your browser to

Once there you'll be greeted with a screen similar to the one pictured above if your device will play nicely with Android Wear. For those who want to skip the process of going to a website, you shouldn't have any issues with Android Wear so long as your device is running Android 4.3 or up.

I'm curious, did you preorder either watch? If so, what model? Or are you more inclined to wait for the Moto 360 , which is set to be released later this summer?