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How to change Lion's scroll direction

You upgraded to OS X Lion and one thing you absolutely cannot stand is that the scrolling gestures are reversed. Don't worry, Apple allows you to change the direction in Preferences.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

OS X Lion changed the scrolling gestures that we were accustomed to on Snow Leopard by reversing the scroll gestures. Thankfully, Apple has built in a setting allowing you to reverse Lion's reverse scrolling.

In Snow Leopard, if you wanted to scroll up, you would use two fingers and gesture up; the opposite would be said if you wanted to scroll down. With OS X Lion, you have to relearn scrolling gestures.

Now, if you want to scroll up, you have to use two fingers and gesture down on the trackpad, while a two finger gesture up will cause the page to scroll down. Apple did this to provide a unified experience across all of its platforms. If you view scrolling on Lion similar to how you would scroll on an iOS device, you may have an easier time making the adjustment to the new scrolling method.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

To change the default scroll behavior of Lion, open System Preferences and click on Trackpad. 

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Next, click on the Scroll & Zoom tab. The first option you should see is the Scroll direction control. The natural direction is enabled by default, which means the scrolling behavior of Lion will be the opposite of that in Snow Leopard.

To change the behavior, click on the check box, disabling natural scroll direction. To the right will be a video demonstration of the scrolling behavior. If the video matches your intended selection, close the preferences window. 

Your scrolling gestures should be back to Snow Leopard form. Hopefully this will save some of your sanity by helping with the transition to OS X Lion.