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How to browse the iTunes App Store on Android

Ever find an amazing app in the Market and want to share it with a friend who is on iOS? Now you can send them an App Store link directly from your Android device.

You found this really amazing app in the Android Market and you want to share it with your friend who has an iPhone.

Sure, you could tell your friend the name of the app and wait patiently while they fumble through the half a million apps in the App Store looking for it, or you could send them a direct link for the app in the App Store, right from your Android device.

A new app, iTunes App Store Explorer, allows Android users to browse the App Store directly on their device. Of course, you won't be able to download or install any of the apps you view in the app on your Android device. Now, this may seem like an obvious statement, but if you read through the Market reviews you will understand why it had to be made.

  • After installing iTunes App Store Explorer on your device, you will be taken directly to the top paid apps list in the App Store. From here you can either search for an app by name or developer, as well as view apps by category.
  • Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  • If you want to change the country or language for the App Store, you can do so in the settings pane.

This app will also come in handy for developers with apps across multiple platforms who want to keep tabs on their app's current ranking in the App Store.

iTunes App Store Explorer is free and available to download right now. 

(Source Addictive Tips)