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How to adjust Tweetbot's new night theme for iOS

When Tweetbot launched it's iOS 7 redesign, cries for a night theme were all over Twitter. Now, the Tapbots team has delivered.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Night mode, ah yes, that dark colored theme apps have adapted over the years that make it easier to read text in a dark environment. Instead of offering a white background, which is brighter in a dark setting, a dark background is easy on the eyes.

Tapbots launched Tweetbot 3 shortly after iOS 7 launched, and one of the missing "features" was a night theme. After some patience and hard work, an update was released on Wednesday bringing a pretty slick night theme to the app.

You'll need to grab the latest version from the App Store, version 3.2, before you'll find the new theme in the settings.

There are a few different options to make the night theme work best for you. The first is to set it manually by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. You can then exit the night theme by swiping with two fingers up on the screen.

After installing the latest version, you'll need to navigate to the Settings page, then select "Display." Scroll to the bottom of the Display page, where you can find the new settings for night mode.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Here, you can set it to enable dark mode automatically based on your screen's brightness level. The large white circle is the level at which night mode will become active, and the smaller blue dot represents the current brightness level of your device.

If you opt to leave it at the default setting, which is the white theme, the option to swipe down and activate night mode will still be present. Conversely, setting it to night mode will leave the option to swipe up and bring back the lighter theme.

Below is a short Instagram video walking you through the gestures, as well as automatic mode.