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How to add world clocks to Windows 7

Do you have the need to track multiple time zones? We'll show you how to add world clocks to Windows 7.

Do you have clients and colleagues all over the world? Then you know the importance of keeping track of their local time. Here's how to add two additional world clocks to Windows 7 for quick reference:

Step 1: Click on the time and date area of your Windows 7 toolbar, then click on "Change date and time settings."

Change date and time settings
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 2: In the "Additional Clocks" tab, select the time zones you want to add, enter a display name, and be sure to check the box next to "Show this clock". Click the "OK" button save.

Add clocks
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

To view the clocks you just added, hover over the time and date on the toolbar.

Hover for new clocks
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

You can also click on the time and date to see the graphical clocks.

Graphical clocks
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Tip: If you need to look up the time of a locale that you're not familiar with, simply search, "time" and the name of the city or location in Google. For example, "time Tokyo" quickly brings up the current time in Tokyo.

Google search time
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

There you go. Now you can quickly look up alternate time zones and not worry about accidentally calling your clients in the middle of the night or missing an important conference call because you converted the time incorrectly.