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How to activate your iPhone 4S

Before meeting Siri, you'll have to do a little housekeeping. We'll walk you through the activation process and advise on the best settings for your iPhone 4S.

Whether you preordered, stood in line, or slept on the doorstep of an Apple store overnight, there's a good chance you forgot about all your troubles when you unboxed your new, shiny iPhone 4S.

But before you start taking high-definition videos and commanding Siri, you need to activate your iPhone. This process associates your phone with your Apple account (or gives you a new one), and ties your phone to its carrier.

Upon powering-up, the activation process will begin, and you'll be asked to configure several important settings concerning your account, privacy, and features. Follow the slideshow to find out what each setting does, and get advice on which options to choose.

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