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How to access your Wallet from the lock screen on iOS 9

This quick shortcut makes it almost too easy to pay for your dirty double chai latte at Starbucks.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

After updating to iOS 9 you'll notice a new name and icon for the app formerly known as Passbook. The new name aligns the app with Passbooks true intent: replacing your wallet.

As such, Passbook has been renamed Wallet. Perhaps the biggest change to Wallet isn't the new name and icon, but a shortcut specifically to access your digital wallet from the lock screen.

The next time you need to use Apple Pay or bring up a loyalty card at your favorite retailer, simply double-press the home button.

Almost immediately the screen will light up with your default Apple Pay card. A quick tap on the stack of cards along the bottom of the screen will present the rest of your cards and passes for easy selection.

The new method for accessing Wallet speeds up the process tremendously. Since its introduction you were forced to unlock your device, find the Passbook icon and select it. With the new shortcut in iOS 9, you can access it at any time without putting much thought into it.