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How to access Google's new Verbatim search feature

Google is rolling out a new way to make sure you're searching for exactly what you typed in.

Google removed the "+" operator from searches a few weeks ago, but the replacement hasn't been received with open arms.

According to Google, the plus operator was being used incorrectly and was used in a very small amount of searches. In its place, double quotation marks were implemented and seen as operators that would be used more efficiently. However, a lot of users were not excited by this alternative.

To please the masses, Google is rolling out another way to make sure you're searching for something worded in the exact way that you typed it in: meet Google Verbatim search. If this feature has already become available to your Google account, here's how to find it:

Nicole Cozma

Step 1: Search for anything on Google.


Step 2: Scroll down on the left side and select "More search tools" under "All results."


Step 3: Choose Verbatim from the expanded menu of items that appear.

Note: Again, this feature will be rolling out over the next few days, so you may not see this menu choice available yet. If not, just check back in a few days to try it out.

Choosing Verbatim will allow Google to search for the terms exactly as you entered them. If you're wondering why this is important, it's because this kind of search will not correct (or just change) spelling, include synonyms for your terms, use a different stem of a word (for example eat instead of eating), or use many other features present in the Instant search on Google. Verbatim could be a less tedious way of searching for exactly what you want, without having to include "quotation marks" "around" "everything."

Via Google Search blog