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How to access Google Tasks on Android phones

Smartphones are great for keeping track of your life. Google Tasks is a feature of Gmail but isn't available as an Android app. We'll show you how to access Google Tasks from your Android phone.

Google Tasks is a nice and simple task list manager that's integrated into Gmail. Unfortunately, Google Tasks is unavailable as an Android app.  To use Google Tasks in Android, you'll need to use the mobile Web browser on your phone.  Here's how:

Google Tasks on Android
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
To access Google Tasks on your Android phone, you'll need to open up your favorite mobile browser and go to  From your Android phone, you can perform most of the functions available on the desktop version, except for printing and e-mailing lists.  Keep in mind that Google Tasks isn't accessible without a network connection.

You'll also want to create a shortcut icon so you can launch your Google Tasks quickly from the Android desktop.  First bookmark with the default Android browser. Then create the bookmark shortcut (long press on desktop--> Shortcuts--> Bookmark). You'll end up with a shortcut icon that looks like this:

Google Tasks Shortcut Icon

There you have it--now you can access Google Tasks from both your computer and your Android phone!