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How the MacBook's new Touch ID fingerprint scanner works

Here's what you can do with the new MacBook's fingerprint scanner.

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Apple added Touch ID to its new MacBook Pros today, bringing its killer security feature to computers for the first time.

This isn't the first time we've seen fingerprint-scanning on a laptop, but its a first for MacBook users and a familiar feature for those who use Touch ID on an iPhone or iPad for unlocking their devices and using Apple Pay.

But, no -- you're not going to bring the new MacBook into stores to make purchases. Here's what it can -- and likely will -- do.

Apple Pay

You can already use Apple Pay in Safari, but your phone is required to complete purchases. When you're ready to complete a transaction using Apple Pay, your phone lights up and asks you for your fingerprint. Clever. But not streamlined.

With Touch ID embedded into the MacBook, you'll just tap your finger on the Touch ID sensor (on the far-right side of the Touch Bar) and you're set. No iPhone, no problem.

Logging in and out

Just like Touch ID unlocks your iPhone or iPad, Touch ID on the MacBook gives you a password-free way to log into your laptop.

Multiple users can register their fingerprints and associate them with their Mac OS accounts. Apple even added an easy way to switch users using Touch ID -- no matter which screen you're on, a scanning of a fingerprint prompts the system to switch users.

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