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Hide posts from your Facebook feed on iOS, Android

Here's how you can hide those annoying e-card posts from your Facebook feed using the iOS or Android app.

"Name a movie that starts with R. It's harder than you think" seems to be a popular fad when looking at my Facebook feed. For the record, it's not that hard, there's plenty of movies that start with R -- or any other letter of the alphabet -- so just stop. Instead of scrolling through similar posts, be it e-cards or square counting contests, I've started hiding posts from my Facebook feed. You can do this on the Web or using either the iOS or Android app while on the go.

Using the latest version of the Facebook app, you'll notice a small button in the top-right corner of the posts in your feed. Tapping on it will give you the option to hide it, report it as spam, or if you're using iOS you can copy a direct link to the post.

Hiding a post doesn't erase it from your feed altogether; it will still be visible on the Web or another device, and you can always unhide it just as quickly as you made it disappear.