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HeartWatch app makes sense of Apple Watch heart rate data

For those who want a better visualization of heart rate data captured by the Apple Watch, give this app a try.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

The Apple Watch records a user's heart rate every 1o minutes, and logs it into the Health app. The data is then viewable, charted on a graph or as individual data points.

While it's beneficial to have a log of your heart data, the way the Health app displays the data doesn't provide much insight into your heart's activity. As MacStories first reported, HeartWatch is a new app aimed at helping users make sense out of the data.

After installing and granting the access to your Health information, the app takes about a minute to fully load your heart rate data. Once it's finished, you can then view your heart's activity in two different views.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

The day view (pictured left) shows waking heart rate, measured the first time you put the watch on each day. It also shows your average heart rate for the given day, including minimum and maximum heart rate (along with time recorded). Additionally, it gives a percentage for each day, breaking down how much time your heart rate spent resting, high resting and elevated.

The month view (pictured middle) gives a quick overview of your minimum and maximum heart rate for each day. Tap on a given day to view more details in the day view.

Another important feature is the ability to enable push alerts should your Apple Watch record your heart rate over a set threshold in the Setting section. For example, you can set an alert to let you know when your heart hits 120 BPM (or whatever number you wish). Not only is this helpful for those who want to sustain an elevated heart rate while working out, but also acts as a monitoring tool for those with heart issues.

You can download HeartWatch from the App Store for $1.99/AU$2.99/£1.49.