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Have an Apple TV? Don't miss these four new features

If you're an Apple TV owner, the latest update included some great new features. Here are four of them.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Apple released an update for the Apple TV shortly after iOS 6 was made available for iOS devices. You should have already been alerted to update your black box to Apple TV software version 5.1. If not, you can manually update by going into Settings > General > Update Software. The update should take less than 20 minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Here are four new features the update brings to your Apple TV, each with a link to a guide covering how to use them.

Rearranging icons
Finally! Up until now, Apple TV owners weren't able to move the icons around on the home screen. With the update, you can now arrange the icons however you'd like -- with one exception.

How to rearrange the icons on your Apple TV

Share Apple IDs
Families can now use more than one Apple ID on an Apple TV at a time. With a few clicks, you can change between Apple IDs and access each respective purchase history, or charge an order to a different account.

How to add and manage multiple Apple IDs on the same Apple TV

Watching movie trailers on the Apple TV is a convenient way to get a better idea of what you want to go see in the theater. With the latest update, you can also view showtimes in local movie theaters for directly on your TV.

Use your Apple TV to view movie showtimes in nearby theaters

Shared Photo Streams
One thing I love using the Apple TV for is showing photos to friends and family members. Accessing your Photo Stream isn't new, but the option to get to your Shared Photo Streams has been added, giving you access to the same shared albums you can view on an iOS or OS X device. If you'd rather not have the photos present on your TV, you'll need to know how to disable this handy feature.

How to enable and disable Shared Photo Streams on Apple TV