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Google Voice officially integrates with Sprint phones

Nearly every Sprint customer can now access Google Voice's add-on features with almost any phone.

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Starting today, almost all Sprint subscribers will have the option to conjoin Google Voice to their Sprint phone numbers. This gives smartphones and feature phones alike call forwarding and visual voice mail that you can read on the phone or online, in addition to other features, including cheaper international calls.

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Sprint and Google first announced this partnership in March at CTIA, spelling out two options for linking the Sprint phone number to the Google Voice service. You can make your Sprint-issued phone number your Google Voice number as well, so that friends and family won't have to change their contact information to reach you.

If you primarily use Google Voice, you can also turn your Google Voice number into your Sprint number, so that calls and texts made with your Sprint phone are "sent" from that Google-issued number.

The program excludes prepaid Sprint phones, and corporate devices. Get started at http://www.google.com/voice/sprint, and let us know how the transition goes for you.

Google Voice and Sprint integration is available now.
Google Voice and Sprint integration is available now. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET