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Giffage puts animated images at your fingertips

Sometimes, a GIF is the only response.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

When Apple provided iOS developers with the means to create keyboards, it didn't take long before we started seeing keyboards designed to make sending animated images, called GIFs, easier.

GIF GIF GIF was one of the first, and it still does a fantastic job. But sometimes it's nice to try new things.

Giffage, another keyboard app, recently received an update that makes the process of finding the perfect GIF easier. The update added the ability to search for a GIF directly within the keyboard, instead of having to leave your conversation, open the Giffage app and then search. You can also save GIFs to your favorites, create your own GIFs, view trending images or browse by keyword.

Once you find a GIF, you tap on it, the keyboard copies it to the iOS clipboard and then you paste it into the text field. This is the same way other GIF keyboard apps work, but I've found search to be faster and more reliable in Giffage.