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Get to know the People Edge on the Galaxy S6 Edge

The People Edge keeps your contacts handy on the Galaxy S6 Edge -- learn how to use it here.

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Samsung puts the curved screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge to good use with a few special features. The one you'll likely use the most is People Edge -- a slide-out menu with five of your favorite contacts and shortcuts to call or text them. Here's how to use it.

Setting up the People Edge

The People Edge is empty when you first get the Galaxy S6 Edge, so to start out, you'll need to fill it with contacts.

  • Open the People Edge by swiping on the small transparent tab you'll see at the top right of the Edge screen.
  • Tap any of the five empty color circles to assign a new contact to that space.
  • Repeat that process to fill up the five slots.
  • Tap the gear icon above the circles to open settings, where you can rearrange the order of your contacts.
  • You can change a person's assigned color in the Contacts app.
  • To delete a contact, tap and hold their circle and swipe to the delete button at the top of the screen.
The People Edge in action. CNET

Using the Edge to call or text

When your contacts are set, you'll either see their photo (if there's one assigned to their contact) or a color circle with the first letter of their name. Tap the photos or circle to send a text message, email or call them from the options that appear. Swipe the screen the opposite direction to close People Edge.

If you miss a phone call or text message from one of your five contacts, you'll see a small color tab on the side of the screen that corresponds to that person. Swipe on that tab to see the alert you missed.

A colorful glow

One of the flashiest features of the Galaxy S6 Edge is that the edge will glow when you get a call or text from one of your five contacts. For this to work, you need to have People Edge set up, and the phone needs to be resting face down on a flat surface. For an incoming phone call, the edge will glow in a wave pattern with the contact's color from People Edge.

If you get a text from one of your People Edge contacts, the phone will pulse the right color for a few seconds. It works best in low lighting, and only one side of the edge will glow.