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Get the most talked about news stories with NewsWhip

See what's making news on Facebook and Twitter across the globe or in one of 11 countries with this new universal iOS news app.

It's going to take a lot to break me of my Newser habit. Newser has been my go-to iPhone news app for a while now and I don't see this arrangement ending any time soon. New iOS news app NewsWhip, however, appears to be a worthy challenger. This free, universal iOS app puts a new spin on news aggregation. It delivers the news stories that people are tweeting about and sharing and liking on Facebook. NewsWhip doesn't just look at your friends and followers to deliver the news. No, "each minute NewsWhip scans a billion people on Facebook and Twitter."

While it lacks the visual punch of Newser's news grid along with Newser's great two-paragraph-or-less summaries, NewsWhip is not without its attractions. It's intuitive to navigate, and it lets you filter your news by country or topic.

NewsWhip provides a two-column view. In the right column is a scrollable list of articles, while the left column provides five buttons: home, Places, Topics, My Whips, and Settings. The home button returns you to the worldwide, all-topics news feed. Using the Places button, you can filter the news for one of 11 countries. Similarly, the Topics buttons lets you filter your news feed in one of 10 topics, many of which feature subtopics to refine your feed even further. The My Whips button shows you your most read topics and places. The Settings button is fairly useless, unless you'd like to e-mail the Dublin-based team behind NewsWhip.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Unlike Newser, NewsWhip does not feature editors that synthesize each news story into a one- or two-paragraph summary. Instead, the app surfaces only the first few lines of a story. You'll need to tap the "More info" button to get a button that allows you to read the full story. Thankfully, full stories open within the app and when you close them, you return right where you left off in your news feed. Also in the More info are buttons to share on Facebook or Twitter. For each story in your news feed, you get a flag signifying the country of the news source, a small thumbnail, and a vague number ranking to signify how popular a story is. There is also a link at the bottom of each news story in your feed that opens up a subfeed of related stories.

Which app(s) do you use to get the news on your iPhone or iPad? Let me know in the comments below.