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Get the most from your Apple products

This episode of The Fix is for the millions...and millions of you that use Apple's tech on a daily basis.

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This is the episode of "The Fix" is for you, the Apple fan. Join us as we show you how to get the most out of your gadgets.

First up, Donald Bell will show you how to experience your iTunes content on multiple devices. Then, Lexy Savvides flexes more of her photography muscles, this time with an iPhone in her hands. She'll show you how to take better pictures and even how to make the pics you already have on your phone even better. Finally, Dan Graziano has some helpful tips for switching from Android to Apple.

And one last thing. This is the final episode of "The Fix." On behalf of the entire cast and production crew, I want to thank every one of you that took time out of your day to watch us. We truly hope all of you took something positive and useful away from the show -- that was always our intent.

CNET How To will of course continue to move forward both in written and video form. Look for it to get bigger and better than ever in 2015. You'll see more of Dan, Lexy, Donald, Sharon and me in plenty of upcoming How To videos. See you soon, and thanks for watching.