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Get the most cash for your used electronics with Flipsy

Spending precious time going from trade-in site to trade-in site is no longer necessary thanks to Flipsy.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Selling or trading in your older used electronics for some fast cash is quick and convenient. You don't have to deal with pesky eBay fees, or haggle over the final sales price with a stranger on Craiglist. Sites like Amazon Trade-In, eBay Instant Sale, and Gazelle all make it easy to send in a used item. You mark the condition of your item, ship it off, let the company inspect it, and wait for the cash to show up in your PayPal or Amazon account. I rounded up five trade-in sites here if you're interested in reading more about each one.

The services are convenient, but shopping around among sites is not. Whenever I'm looking to get rid of an item, I usually spend a good hour going around the various sites shopping the prices offered. Thanks to, you can now streamline the price-shopping process. Recently covered by Lifehacker, Flipsy is aiming to be the starting point for your trade-in searches.

Currently, you can look up pricing for iPhones, iPads, gaming consoles, and books across an impressive list of sites all through Flipsy. First you'll answer some questions about the condition of the product, then you can view pricing across multiple sites. Of course you'll find the staple sites such as Amazon Trade-In, eBay Instant Sale, RadioShack, and the Apple Store listed, but you'll also find many more services offering cash. You can view pricing, condition, and even the recent trends for the going rate of the item you're looking to sell. The site also includes a breakdown of the average Craigslist pricing broken down by region.