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Get OS X El Capitan's wallpaper while you await the OS's release

You'll need to wait until the fall for the update to OS X Yosemite, but you can outfit your current Mac with El Capitan's default wallpaper right now.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Tired of staring at Half Dome? If you've been using the default wallpaper for OS X Yosemite (or any wallpaper, for that matter), you can trade your current view of Half Dome for a stunning vista of El Capitan.

Apple won't release OS X 10.11 El Capitan until the fall (after a public beta in July), but the default wallpaper for El Capitan is there for the taking right now.

A 5,120x3,200-pixel image is available here on an Amazon Web Services page.

And from Apple's site, you can find two lower-resolution versions, a widescreen 3,142x1,496 image and a narrower 2,136x1,496 image.

To set one of the above images as your wallpaper, open it in your browser, right-click on it and select Save Image As. Next, right-click on the thumbnail of the downloaded image and choose Services > Set Desktop Picture.

You can also find the default wave wallpaper for iOS 9, should you be eager to give an old iOS device a new look.