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Get an Apple Watch screensaver on your Mac

Bring a bit of Apple Watch beauty to OS X.

Say what you will about the utility of the Apple Watch , there is no denying it's a beautiful watch with attractive watch faces. And thanks to a clever Danish developer, you can borrow a watch face from the Apple Watch to use as a screensaver on your Mac.

Head to Rasmus Nielsen's website where you'll find a free download for his Apple Watch screensaver. After downloading the file, open it and click Install.

After installing the file, your Mac will open the Desktop & Screensaver area of System Preferences. Choose the Apple Watch option and the next time your screensaver starts, you will see the Apple Watch's Utility watch face. According to Nielsen, a second Apple Watch screensaver is coming soon in the form of the X-Large watch face.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Meanwhile, Apple has delayed the release of WatchOS 2.

(Via OS X Daily)

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