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Get alerted when the free App of the Week is posted in the App Store

Each week Apple posts a free App of the Week in the iOS App Store. Here's how you can get an alert when it's posted.

A few weeks ago Apple started offering an app in the iOS App Store as a free App of the Week. The initial app was Cut the Rope: Experiments HD, followed by Snapseed, and this week it's Monsters Ate My Condo.

All three have been great apps, with plenty more sure to come. Missing out on a chance to grab an app for free can be frustrating, and remembering to check the App Store each week isn't always going to happen. Instead of trying to remember, or setting a weekly reminder, let an IfThisThenThat (Ifttt) task alert you once it's posted. The App Store Twitter account sends a tweet with the hash tag of #FreeAppoftheWeek once the latest app is posted, making an easy trigger for Ifttt.

An Ifttte-mail alert with the latest free App of the Week. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  1. To get started, log in to your Ifttt account and create a new task.

  2. Select Twitter > New tweet from search for the "This" portion of the task.

  3. Copy-and-paste: "#FreeAppoftheWeek from:AppStore" into the search field. The first part of the text identifies the hash tag you would like Ifttt to search for, with the second part (from:AppStore) indicating the Twitter account to monitor.

  4. For the "That" portion of the task, you can select whatever alert method you would prefer. Some of the options include receiving a text message, e-mail, or Google Talk instant message.

Ifttt has some great use cases, with this being just one of many. Do you have a favorite Ifttt recipe? If so, share a link to it in the comments.