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Get alerted of an incoming storm on your Android device

Instead of looking at the clouds and trying to judge when a storm is going to arrive, use a free Android app to look into the future.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

We've previously told you about the iOS app Dark Sky, which predicts when the weather is going to get ugly. And we've also told you about, a Web-based app that does the same thing but also provides an API for developers to make apps using the same info that powers Dark Sky.

This information is capable of giving shockingly accurate weather reports, specifically over the next 60 minutes, and can warn you about an impending downpour or snowstorm.

With Dark Sky not being available on Android, and the Web app not being a preferred option for some people, it's nice to see a native app powered by

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Arcus Weather is the app, and it's available for free in the Play store. After installing the app you'll be able to set a theme, set notification preferences, and more importantly, view weather reports for your location, as well as other locations.

Since the app is powered by, you're not compromising its accuracy or the quality of the weather report.

There's even a DashClock extension available, should you use the popular widget.

And of course there is a pro version of Arcus, which runs $1.98 and eliminates ads as well as provides the ability to add more locations and change the default widget refresh intervals.