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Get to know the Galaxy Note 8's secret features

Did you know you could do these things with the Galaxy Note 8? Now you do.

You probably know all about the two cameras and fun new messaging tool in Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8. But dig a little deeper and there's a world of customizations and tricks that you probably didn't know the phone could do.

Some are carryovers from the Galaxy S8 phones, some from last year's short-lived Note 7, and some are brand new.

Top favorites, you ask?

  • Record your own animated GIF from a video
  • Super-quick eraser mode
  • Bookmark a written note you can access from any screen
  • Great new browsing and sharing tools
  • Make the navigation bar disappear

We take you on a tour of them in gallery and video form, and throw in some extra reminders about all the cool things the S Pen stylus can do.

Of course, we'll keep this updated as we discover new tricks, and, once you get the Note 8, feel free to chime in with discoveries of your own.

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