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Foursquare update brings back the nearby friends view

Foursquare has updated its app, bringing back the nearby friends view that so many users loved. Here's how it works.

When Foursquare rolled out its redesigned app back in June, there was one key feature missing: the ability to view what the friends who live in your city were up to. Instead, version 5.0 showed you one feed, combining all of the activity from all your friends, no matter where they were. Thankfully, users provided enough feedback about the missing feature that Foursquare decided to bring it back.

Today, Foursquare released an update to its iOS (version 5.2.2) and BlackBerry (version 5.0.5) apps, bringing back the nearby friends feed. To access the feed on the iPhone, simply pull down on your feed until you see the toggle switch appear. BlackBerry users can select the friends icon to switch between views. Android users will have to wait a bit -- Foursquare says that update is coming "soon."