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Follow a brand's Page in the new Foursquare app

Foursquare has made it extremely easy to follow brand's Page from the mobile app. Here's how!

Early this morning Foursquare rolled out a massive update, including both visual updates along with some great new features. One of which is the capability to easily discover and follow brand Pages. Up until now, there wasn't a streamlined method to follow a brand's Page when using the mobile app. 

Following a Page in the latest mobile app from Foursquare is too easy. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Following a brand's page provides Foursquare users with the added benefit of seeing tips and check-ins from a particular brand. There's another incentive for following a Page -- badges.

Some badges can only be unlocked by following a Page and checking into a specific venue. For example, by following the Olympics on Foursquare and checking into two athletic sites before June 25, you'll not only unlock a badge, but you'll also have a chance at winning a trip to London for the Olympics.

Following a Page is important, and Foursquare made it extremely simple with the update.

To discover, search and/or follow a Page in the new Foursquare app on either iPhone or Android, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app, then navigate to the Me tab.

  2. Tap on My Settings

  3. Select Find Pages

You can either search for a specific brand or browse the list of Pages automatically populated for you. Pretty easy.

What do you think of "new Foursquare"? Do you find the new activity stream, complete with a heart button, to be a good move by Foursquare? Or do you miss the old Foursquare?