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Experience the Galaxy Note 3 on nearly any Android device

Samsung offers a free app to show you what it's like to use the Note 3.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Do you currently have an Android device? And are you on the fence about whether or not the Note 3 is the right device for your next purchase? Samsung has an answer for you if you said yes.

By downloading and using the Galaxy Note 3 Experience app, available for free in the Play Store, you can get a firsthand experience of what the Note 3 offers. You'll need to be using a device running Android 4.1 and above.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

As noted by Android Authority, you'll be guided through selecting different functions you value, and then walk through how the Note 3 is going to make those functions easier for you.

The overall experience on my Nexus 5 was a bit jittery, and the touch responsiveness of the app was delayed at times, but in the end you get the general idea of how the S Pen and the Note 3 work together. Don't worry about your selections the first time you run the app, once you're done experiencing how the Note 3 handles each category you're able to view all categories.

As we have covered in the past, companies seem to be releasing more and more apps like this one. Is an app like this something that will sway you one way or another when deciding whether or not to purchase a device?