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Enable the redesigned New Tab page on Chrome Beta for Android

Check out one of the new experimental features added in the recent update to Chrome Beta for Android.

Photo by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Google has been rolling out steady improvements to the Chrome Beta for Android app. While the update from this last week was primarily focused on adding support for gestures, a new feature popped up in the chrome://flags area (where you can enable and disable experimental features).

There's now a flag for enabling the new New Tab page (a name that definitely needs work). The most recent version of the New Tab puts a convenient Google search box for text and voice right at your fingertips each time you open a new tab. Most visited Web sites are now appearing along the bottom, which you can swipe through And as for those funky icons along the bottom that let you access synced tabbs from other devices: they now have their own buttons. 

Want to check it out? Here's how:

Note: If you don't have the Chrome Beta app, it's not too late. You can still grab it for your device and then follow the steps below!

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 1: Open the Chrome Beta for Android app (the app icon should have a BETA marker on it in black and white) and type chrome://flags in the address bar.

Step 2: Instead of scrolling through tons of options, press the menu button on your device and then choose Find in page. Type NTP (New Tab Page) and you should see "Enable the new NTP in the list.

Steps 2 and 3. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 3: Press Enable and then tap the Relaunch Now button that appeared at the bottom of the app.

This design definitely looks better, but I'm still spoiled by a desktop Chrome extension that replaces the New Tab page. What do you think? And just in case Google is listening, do you have any ideas for a new name for this new tab?

(Via AndroidPolice)