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Enable private browsing in Android with Dolphin HD

Private browsing is much simpler these days, but it can still be tough to avoid leaving tracks on mobile devices. Dolphin HD Browser for Android can help keep your browsing on the down low.

It's easy to browse privately on desktop and laptop computers by using Chrome's Incognito mode or other tools, but many Android users can't use Chrome yet. It's not so hard to get Dolphin HD Browser to keep your browsing private, though. Here's how to do it:

  1. Install Dolphin HD Browser here.
  2. Run the app and run through the setup screens.
  3. When you finish setup, tap the Menu button, then select "More," then "Settings," then "Privacy & Security Settings."
  4. You should see six check boxes; check them so that only the last one ("Browsing without history") is checked.
  5. Step 4: Change Dolphin HD Browser settings.
    Step 4: Change Dolphin HD Browser settings. Rob Lightner/CNET

That's it! Remember that there are still ways for others to figure out what you were browsing if they're intent on it, but this does make you somewhat more secure. For more info on private browsing, check out this video by Kara Tsuboi (also embedded below).

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