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Dropbox brings offline access to folders for paid plans

You can now access entire Dropbox folders when you're on a plane, train, automobile or otherwise offline.

Dropbox has long allowed you to make files available offline, letting you access files on your phone or tablet when you're out of Wi-Fi range or without a cell signal. Now, it's letting mobile users designate entire folders for offline access. As long as you're paying for Dropbox, that is.

The new offline folders are available to Dropbox Pro, Business and Enterprise subscribers. The feature is rolling out first to Android. iOS support will follow early next year, according to Dropbox.

The new feature has yet to hit me and my Android, but the process of tagging a folder for offline use appears to be straightforward. Just as you can currently tap the downward-arrow button to the right of a filename and select Make Available Offline, you'll be able to tap that same button to make a folder accessible offline.


All your offline files and folders are available from the Offline tab of the Dropbox app. Any changes you make while offline will be synced the next time you're back online.

Earlier this year, Dropbox added scanning capability to its iOS app and introduced Dropbox Paper for online document collaboration.