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Don't let Facebook Apps ruin your private life

It's right to worry about what personal details you've been giving away to Facebook applications. Here's how to check exactly what apps are inside your privacy bubble, and how to bounce the ones you don't want.

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If there's one thing that people worry about more than their general Facebook Privacy settings, it's all those Facebook Apps, and how much of your information can be accessed without your knowledge.

Here are the two big things to check, so you know you're in a happy place.

Under your Privacy Settings, head into the "Apps and Websites" section. Now you can see all the apps that still have some level of access to your Facebook information. A click on any app's information will let you see exactly what information it has access to. It's a very good idea to clear out old apps that you haven't used in a long time.

Next, you'll want to click on "How people bring your information into Apps they use". Here, you can set limits on the information that your friends can share with apps that you're not even using. It's hard to trust everyone you've ever friended with your personal details, so we'd suggest cutting this list back to just a few basics.