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Customize your Spotlight search results -- David's iPhone tip of the week

Take control of your Spotlight search results by customizing the arrangement of them to suit your needs.

Several weeks ago I posted a tip about discovering Spotlight searches on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The tip this week will show you how to customize the arrangement of your search results. You can decide to list application, contact, music, etc., search results in first, last, or anywhere in between order.

1. Launch the Settings app
2. Tap General
3. Tap Home
4. Tap Search Results

Initially your search results will be set up like this:

Default Spotlight search result order Screenshot by David Martin/CNET

Now you can customize the order of your search results by performing these tasks while the screen above is displayed:

  • Tap any of the items listed to select or deselect them--this controls whether or not they appear in the search results or not. Checked items appear in Spotlight search results.
  • Tap and hold this symbol:
    and you can rearrange the items in the list by dragging them up and down the list while holding your finger firmly on the screen.

Once you are satisfied with how your search results are ordered, you can press the Home button to save your customizations.