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Customize BlinkFeed for HTC One

Learn how to customize (or remove) the HTC One's unique news feed screen, BlinkFeed.

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For the HTC One, HTC designed a news feed widget called BlinkFeed that pulls in top stories from around the Web, as well as social feeds, such as Twitter and Facebook. It's a good-looking piece of software, and for better or worse, HTC makes it your default home screen on the HTC One.

But if you're less than thrilled by BlinkFeed, I'll show you how to better customize the stories that it pulls in, or even remove it from your home screen.

First off, tap the home button to make sure you're at the top of your BlinkFeed, then pull down slightly to reveal a little menu bar. From here, you can use the drop-down menu to filter down to just the specific feeds you want, or tap the dots on the right and select topics and services.

HTC One screenshot.
The BlinkFeed menu bar. Donald Bell/CNET

From here you can check on or off the different sites you want regularly popping up in your feed. Swipe to the left, and you'll see additional categories to choose from. Swipe to the right all the way and you'll find services like Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter that you can also dump into your feed. Once you're happy, hit the back button and the feed will automatically refresh.

HTC One screenshot.
Some of the preset sites that can be added or subtracted from your BlinkFeed. Donald Bell/CNET

To set your home screen to something other than BlinkFeed, head into the BlinkFeed menu again by pulling down from the top, but this time select Customize Home Screen from the drop-down menu.

HTC One screenshot.
Your phone's home screen is designated by a small home icon. Donald Bell/CNET

Here you'll see little versions of your different panels at the top. The home screen is called out by a little home plate icon. To change this, tap and hold on the panel you want to designate as your new home screen and drag it up to the "Set as Home" tab revealed at the top.

To see if the change has stuck, press the home button, and you should be swept over to the new home screen you defined.