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Customize and print your own graph paper

Let's get graphing.

Matt Elliott/CNET

With my kids entering their middle school and high school years, I am starting to be asked to dust off my ancient knowledge of algebra and geometry, and I expect the frequency of these homework-related questions to increase in the coming years. With some algebra equations and many geometry questions, being able to plot out the X and Y axis on graph paper not only helps me recall how to solve an equation but also helps me clearly explain the answer. With Gridzzly, I've got custom graph paper on demand.

Ready, set, grid!

Gridzzly provides a simple menu for selecting the type of grid you want -- square, triangle or hexagonal and either lined or dotted -- and a couple sliders for the size of the grid units and how dark or light you want the lines or dots. There's also an option to print out blank sheet music. Click the ruler at the top to toggle between inches and millimeters for your unit of measure.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Using a Brother monochrome laser printer, my test prints had the right size grids, but the lines were a light gray no matter where I set the slider for the line weight. Still, the results will more than suffice for homework help. I've bookmarked Gridzzly for the next time my long-dormant math skills are requested.

(Via Boing Boing)