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Create an Instagram collage for your Facebook page with InstaCover

With InstaCover, you can easily create a collage of your Instagram photos that's sized just right for your Facebook Timeline cover.

Do you feel your Timeline cover is lacking? If so, check out Web app InstaCover. It lets you quickly and easily assemble a collage of your Instagram photos to spruce up your Facebook page.

To get started, head to (note the hyphen), sign in with your Facebook account, and grant permission to the app. Next, you'll be presented with InstaCover's panel for creating a collage:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Enter your Instagram handle in the User ID field in the Target Photo section. If you have a sprawling Instagram collection, you can filter your photos by using the Category or Tags fields. And if you'd like to use Instagram photos other than your own, you can click the "Photos you liked" radio dial and then log in using a friend's Instagram credentials.

I have only a modest Instagram collection, so I skipped these steps and simply entered my Instagram username and started playing with the layout of the page, of which there are five: Small, Medium, Large, Custom 1, and Custom 2. The first three create a collage of uniformly sized photos; you can cram more photos in using the Small layout, less with Large. Using either of these three layouts lets you drag to reposition photos or remove photos entirely by clicking on the orange X in the upper-right corner of photos.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The problem with this otherwise fun and free Web app is that the two most visually interesting layouts are the two custom options, but they don't let you remove or rearrange photos. So, you'll need to choose whether you want a custom collage that includes photos of varying sizes or if you want finer control of which photos are included and settle for a collage that features photos of all the same size. You can switch up which photos InstaCover grabs by using the Order field trying out New, Popular, or Random.

Once you are satisfied with your collage, scroll down and click the blue Save to album on Facebook button. Your collage won't immediately show up as your Timeline cover but will be saved in a new album titled Insta Cover Photos. The easiest way to grab it for your Timeline cover is to mouse over your current cover, click the Change Cover button in the lower-right corner, and click Choose from Photos. You new collage should show up right away under Recent Uploads.

(Via AddictiveTips)