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Create a conference call on the go with CrowdCall

Using a simple app, you can create a conference call with up to 20 people from your Android or iPhone -- for free.

CrowdCall on an iPhone and Galaxy Nexus. Jason Cipriani/CNET

Conference calls are part of the ugly side of doing business. Sometimes they just can't be avoided. So, next time you have to set one up, instead of paying for a third-party service, use CrowdCall.

CrowdCall is an app (Android | iPhone) that allows you to easily create a conference call from your smartphone, while on the go.

Setting up a conference call is easy. Before you make a call, make sure all of the contacts you are going to include in the call have the proper area/country code added to their number.

After ensuring the numbers are formatted correctly, simply add the participants (up to 20) from your address book or by number. When you have completed your list, tap on Call. CrowdCall will then dial out on your device, give you a nice greeting, and play some music for you while the service is calling everyone else. When the participants answer the call, they will be prompted to press 1 before being placed in the call.

The only cost to you, and the participants if you dialed their cell phone, is the use of minutes from your wireless plan. There are no international fees or hidden conference call-hosting fees.

(Via @Arrington)