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Create a 3D model of your face, try on glasses using your iPad has a free iPad app that helps you try on spectacles using a 3D model of your face.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Shopping for glasses is stressful. Glasses are one of the first things people notice about you. At least, that's what I usually tell myself when going through the process of purchasing new glasses. is hoping it can make the process a lot less stressful by using its app and your iPad.

The aptly titled app,, walks you through the process of creating a 3D model of your face. The tutorial instructs you to stand in front of a mirror in order to complete the model, and a video gives you a preview of each step before you begin.

After turning your head and matching up QR codes, you're ready to start trying on glasses. You can narrow down the selection from a long list of brands, styles, colors and type.

You're able to view the glasses on your face, and even move your head from side to side; changing the point of view giving you a pretty good idea of how the glasses will look on you.

Minor adjustments might need to be made to the glasses superimposed on your face, depending on the frame and size, which can be accomplished by using a variety of one and two finger gestures.

Curate a list of glasses you like by adding them to your favorites. Then once you've narrowed it down you can request them for in-home try-on or order them directly from your iPad. Should you need a second opinion, you can share a photo of yourself with the glasses directly from the app -- complete with a filter.