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Control incoming calls: David's iPhone tip of the week

This weeks tip looks at two easy ways you can use to skip answering phone calls on your iPhone.

You cannot always answer your phone every time it rings, right? You might be in a meeting, paying for merchandise, pumping gas, or engaged in a conversation over coffee with a friend. Of course, all of these are just a short list of the many excuses you might have for not answering your phone. This week's tip will teach you two ways to control the way you answer incoming calls on your iPhone.

Send callers directly to voice mail

Press the power button, on the top of your iPhone, twice during an incoming call and the caller is sent directly to voice mail.

iPhone Sleep/Wake button Apple

Silence the ringer

Press the power button once during an incoming call to mute your ringer and the caller continues to hear your phone ringing several times before it goes to voice mail.