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CNET's holiday gift: Our first CNET How To e-book -- free!

Today we published our first digital How To book. We're making Sharon Vaknin's guide to mastering the Kindle Fire free through the 26th.

How to Master the Kindle Fire
The CNET How To guide gives advice and more than 70 tips on mastering your Kindle Fire. CNET

CNET How To has grown leaps and bounds in 2012, so we wanted to celebrate our first year with a surprise gift: Some of our very best advice about the Kindle Fire to read on a Kindle Fire.

The precocious Sharon Vaknin, CNET's How To expert, has compiled our very best Kindle advice, tips, and tricks into a comprehensive e-book, Mastering the Kindle Fire. From now through the day after Christmas, we're making the book available for free in the Kindle store. Starting on December 27, you can pick it up for just $4.99.

CNET's guide teaches you how to make your browsing and reading experiences on a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD as smooth and seamless as possible, but it also shows you the hard-to-find tricks and tweaks that will make your Kindle much more fun -- and easy -- to use. The book shows you how to install Amazon-banned apps and even access your PC desktop from the screen of your Fire. Or, if you'd rather take it slow, glide through eight chapters, offering more than 75 tips.

Sharon pulled together this book from coverage we've written on and from her own vast research and experience, and there's no one better to guide you through getting the most from your new tablet. And of course, you can find much more of Sharon's work and a wide variety of interesting, fun, and useful tech tips right here at CNET How To.

Happy browsing -- and if you don't own a Kindle Fire, don't worry. We'll be working on more guides for all types of gadgets in 2013.