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Chrome extension adds bookmarks to right-click menu

The Context Bookmarks extension lets you keep your bookmarks bar hidden but its contents readily available.

Matt Elliott/CNET

On most laptops -- my 13-inch MacBook Pro included -- screen real estate is at a premium. To gain more space, I normally keep my bookmark bar hidden. With Chrome extension Context Bookmarks, I can keep Chrome's bookmark bar hidden and keep my bookmarks in arm's reach.

After installing Context Bookmarks, you'll see a new line -- Bookmarks Bar -- on the context menu the next time you right-click. Mouse over it to view the bookmarks and folders you have saved on your bookmarks bar.

For many of my bookmarked sites, I removed any text and rely on only the favicon in an effort to keep more bookmarks visible on the bar. In such cases, the Context Bookmarks extension doesn't see these bookmarks and doesn't include them in your right-click menu. So, if you like the extension, you may need to go back and add back some text for some of the sites on your bookmarks bar.

The last item in the Context Bookmark's menu is Options, where you can have your bookmarks open in a new tab or a new tab in the background. By default, they open in your current page.

In addition to adding an item to your right-click menu, Context Bookmark has another trick up its sleeve. It lets you use Chrome's Omnibar (aka, the URL bar) to open all the sites saved in a folder. To do so, type in an "f" into the Omnibar, hit the spacebar, and then type the name of the folder you want to open, and hit Enter.

Via AddictiveTips.