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Check out Facebook's hidden Favorites feature

Facebook has a little-known feature that lets you bookmark your favorite apps, pages, and groups from the home page.

When Facebook makes big changes--like new privacy options, or an upcoming music service--it's easy to miss the smaller, unannounced updates. While navigating the left sidebar today, I noticed a feature that allows you to add apps, groups, and pages you admin into the top left section called "Favorites".

The new feature is a big boon in filtering the noise, as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the Facebook traffic. Start using the feature now:

Hover over the items in your left sidebar to add, remove, or rearrange your favorites. Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET.
  • Add to favorites: To add a group, app, or page to your Favorites, hover over the item in their respective lists, click the pencil that appears and select "Add to favorites." If you don't see the app or group in that list, hover over the title ("APPS" or "GROUPS") and select "More" for the complete lists.

  • Remove from Favorites: To remove an item (except the News Feed), hover over it and click the pencil that appears. Then select "Remove from favorites..

  • Rearrange: To modify the order of your Favorites, hover over an item, click the pencil, and select "Rearrange." Then drag to reorder your items.

What other buried Facebook features can you find? Let us know in the comments.