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Change the iPod Nano home screen navigation

Learn how to change the home screen on an iPod Nano back to the original grid-style navigation, as well as enable or delete features for a customized experience.

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Apple's October 2011 software update for the iPod Nano changes the home screen navigation to a large icon view. The change is intended to make the fitness-friendly MP3 player easier to use, and honestly, I like it better than the small grid of icons that was used previously.

I mean, when you're dealing with a screen the size of a postage stamp, even one icon can be tough to manage. Throw in the fact that you're probably using the Nano while flailing around trying to work off that morning extra doughnut, and you're probably praying the next Nano works by mind control.

Still, if you resent Apple forcing a new navigation on your Nano, the above video will help you put your Nano back to the way things were. And while you're there tinkering around, I threw in a few tips for disabling unused icons or enabling hidden ones.