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CallApp adds informative contact management to Android

Here's a better way to keep all the information you might need about a contact on-hand.

Remembering all the details about a contact can be difficult if you're speaking with many people across many companies. To combat this issue, CallApp for Android will provide a wall of information about each person you're contacting.

You might be wondering: why do I need another app when I can add notes to contact profiles on my phone? Well, that little text box is definitely handy, but it simply doesn't compete with CallApp's features.

CallApp's business information screen.

CallApp will let you see publicly available social media and other related information for individuals and businesses. For individuals this is helpful if you want to read a few tweets to find some common ground and get a feel for their personality. When dealing with businesses, you can check out their Yelp entry, hours, address, and reviews.

Sounds like a lot of information gathering, which is sometimes synonymous with battery drain, right? While every app that runs and uses data is going to have some impact on battery life, CallApp isn't too bad since most of the information is gathered from local storage.

Before getting started, you'll want to download a copy of CallApp for your Android phone.

Step 1: Run the app and enter your phone number to receive an activation code by SMS. Once received, enter the code to verify your account.

Tip: If you are having issues with the code not sending, you can have the service resend the code or even have it delivered to you via a phone call.

Step 2: Now that your number is verified, it's time to link your social media accounts to CallApp. Simply press on a service's icon and enter your credentials if prompted.

After being signed into a service, you'll have to allow CallApp to access the information on your account. This will need to be repeated for each service. You can tell which services you've linked versus the ones you haven't based on the shade of blue of the icon (services you've linked will have a much brighter icon than ones you haven't).

Before and after of CallApp on Android.

Step 3: Check out and verify information for your contacts.

Unfortunately, the app's capability to link social media to your contacts is not perfect. If you find some of the accounts linked are not owned by the contact you're viewing, you can tell the app their correct information, or choose to unlink that service from the contact completely. If the app is unsure about an account, a question mark will appear next to that service's icon.

CallApp's action bar.

The app's functionality doesn't end with the capability to show information about callers; it also has several in-call features. For instance, you can type in some notes, set meetings, and even share information from your own phone to the other person.

In short, this app provides a lot of information about your contacts. While this information is all available before you make a call, you'll achieve the best results if you talk on a Bluetooth headset (or speaker, if you must). That way, should you need any information about your contact during a call, you'll be free to look at it.

(Via AndroidPolice)