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Browse your Instagram feed on your iPad with InstaPad

InstaPad allows you to browse your Instagram feed on your iPad.

InstaPad is a free iPad app that allows Instagram users to browse their Instagram feed, comment, like, or even send an Instagram photo as a postcard. Now, I know what you might be thinking, you can just install the Instagram app on your iPad. Doing so would allow you to do everything you could possibly ever want to do with Instagram, including upload a photo! But, ask yourself do you really enjoy using a blown-up iPhone app on the iPad? I know I don't.

In the video below, you'll find a brief walkthrough of InstaPad. It comes with all of the same features the Instagram app carries, minus the capability to actually upload a photo. For most of us, the majority of our time is spent browsing the Popular and Feed sections, and InstaPad is a great way to do that on your iPad. For free.

Download InstaPad from the App Store.