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Bookmark your favorite things on Twitter with Twitter Bookmarks

Cut out clutter and get shortcuts to the things you want to see on Twitter with this iOS app.

I don't use Twitter on anything resembling a regular schedule. I find it to be an overwhelming flow of information -- a raging river of chatter, if you will.

On occasion, when I do check in with Twitter, I feel like I arrived in the middle of the conversation. Or in the middle of 1,000 conversations.

With new iOS app Twitter Bookmarks, I may wade more regularly into Twitter's waters. With the app, I can jump directly to the people and lists I want to see. The app also lets you compose new tweets and retweet. Developed by an ex-Twitter employee, Twitter Bookmarks costs $2.99, £2.29, AU$3.79.

After installing the app and authorizing it access your Twitter account, you are presented with three buttons: one to take you to your own profile, one to compose a new tweet and another to add a new bookmark. The first two buttons (and any subsequent bookmarks you add) open the Twitter app with your desired page. In settings, you can instead have the app open bookmarks in Safari or the Tweetbot 3 app.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When you add a new bookmark button, there are five categories from which to choose: User, Search, List, Tweet and Compose. User provides a shortcut to a specific user's Twitter page, Search lets you bookmark a term you frequently search for on Twitter, and List lets you bookmark your own Twitter lists or those from other users.

Meanwhile, the Tweet button lets you add a bookmark of a tweet from your clipboard or favorites. Lastly, the Compose button lets you bookmark three types of tweets: a regular text-only tweet, a tweet with a snapshot from your camera, or a tweet with a photo from your camera roll.

Don't worry about the order in which you add bookmarks -- you can drag to reorder your grid of bookmarks. And you can also set up multiple accounts with Twitter Bookmarks.

(Via Product Hunt)